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Nancy Lullo


The author, Nancy Lullo, has a vast background in education. She has taught children with special needs in an inclusive environment, served as a director of special education in Illinois, and held university-level teaching positions for more than a decade. Through her decades of experience, Nancy discovered and cultivated a passion for writing children’s books featuring children from diverse cultures and special needs, while encouraging others to use children’s literature as an instructional tool.

Nancy and her husband, Bob, have three adult sons and a daughter-in-law, each who is committed to service-based careers. Nancy’s first grandchild, Miles, was diagnosed with epilepsy at 5 months of age. Despite enormous challenges, he has never lost his smile.

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Miles Shares His Smiles

Happiness begins with a smile. Follow Miles as he shares his smiles on a journey with children of diverse cultures and special needs. A beautifully illustrated book to help young children see the rewards of sharing their smiles and positively interacting with others in their lives. The net profits from this book are being donated to the Epilepsy Foundation. Readers that wish to make an additional donation to the Epilepsy Foundation are encouraged to designate the funds on behalf of this book.


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Oct, 2023

Book Signing - Consumer Conference,
Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago


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